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Save Your Breath is a 60 minute school assembly that literally blows the lid off of the Vaping epidemic. Driven by a sudden and rapidly expanding demand, this paradigm-shattering presentation has been credited for “dramatically changing our student’s attitudes and beliefs surrounding nicotine delivery devices.” It took two years of reviews and revisions to get this program just right. Today, it exists as what we believe to be the hardest hitting Vaping Prevention assembly in the country.

Don’t make the mistake of doing a ‘quick and cheap’ in-house presentation. Our research highlighted the fact that the pro-vape students in most school audiences use social-dynamics to undermine the presenter and manipulate their message; effectively reinforcing the wrong behavior amongst their peers. If your students aren’t both impressed and inspired but what you do, you will likely do more harm than good.  That will not happen with our presentation.

Vaping Pre-Event Artwork 1There is a PROFOUND difference in the outcome of a program that has been painstakingly researched and repeatedly delivered by someone who is not only a subject-matter expert, but also an expert at connecting with crowds. We turn the social-dynamics in YOUR favor. Our program has been researched, developed, and perfected in front of thousands of students. After 60 mins, both students and administrators praise the message in unison. It is a spectacular thing to see. (New! Separate Student, Staff and Parent versions!) 

Tim will review the present knowledge and foreseen concerns about Vaping. He introduces this new generation of students to the historic wrongs and evil techniques of Big Tobacco. Using irony, exposing hypocrisy, drawing from humor, and demonstrating critical thinking techniques, Tim draws the irrevocable link between Vaping and unenviable life-consequences. He inspires action, both on a personal and community level, to take a stand against the deceptive practices and looming health affects of Vaping. Tim’s experience and expertise combine with vivid imagery, vibrant sound, video elements, humor and poignant reveals, to produce a captivating and uniquely impactful show.

Save Your Breath has now been viewed by thousands of students, in dozens of districts, and reviews are absolutely brilliant. So impactful, in fact, that multiple students have IMG_1241literally turned their vapes over to parents after attending. Tim has combined his uniquely effective and time proven techniques to this new subject. The result is amazing. So don’t waste time, resources and valuable ‘student-equity’ by handing this important subject matter to anyone else. Give your community, and this subject, the attention it deserves.

The Student and Parent versions of this assembly are markedly different. For the parent presentation Tim displays thousands of dollars worth of the latest Vape devices and paraphernalia. He demonstrates how kids hide them, how they use them discreetly and how parents can detect them. He also reviews how to easily test e-juice or Vape products for signs of illegal drugs. Both classes are powerfully enlightening, but each is carefully tailored to the needs and interests of the particular audience. 

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“You have no idea how strong of an impact you made. More kids need to see this. Thank you. Thank you!” -High School Student, Sharon Springs NY

Vaping Pre-Event Artwork 2