High IQ

High-IQ was developed for conference workshops, staff in-service days and encore parent presentations. Tim starts from the standpoint that his audience is up to speed on many of the critical evolutions in the teen and adult drug trends over the past decade. He then hand-picks the latest, greatest and most impactful takeaways from his law enforcement and recovery network. Students are treated to a 45-60 minute laser-targeted update seminar.

Today’s drug offerings, products, concealment techniques, testing counter-measures and associated paraphernalia are literally changing on a weekly basis. Oftentimes, new products and techniques are pushed out via social-media or pop-culture funnels in near-instantaneous fashion. It is nearly impossible to keep aware and be capable of effectively responding to the rapidly evolving cycle; unless you are immersed in it. Tim has the advantage, not only of vast experience, but of contemporary networking. His presentations take him all over the country and delve into many facets of our nation’s drug problem. From the streets and schools, to probation, jails and recovery centers. He is often able to learn as much as he teaches, and incorporates those latest takeaways into this refresher-type presentation.

Included, of course, is the traveling drug museum and samples of the latest detection and intervention devices or techniques, that you can use in the field to make a greater difference for your community.

If you have a professional training block, or if Tim has recently presented “Raising Drug Free Teens” for the parents in your community, this class is for you.

Availability for this single class can often be arranged in as little as 45 days and can cost as little as $1500 in markets with no travel fees. Contact us today to reserve your date!