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See the incredible NEVER QUIT video below – just one awesome snippet from this amazing assembly.

What do the world’s greatest athletes, performers, sickness survivors, soldiers and comic book superheroes have in common? Believe it or not, its something that lies dormant within each one of us, perspective, and Tim knows how to reveal it.

HERO is a potent and personal student assembly that was specifically designed for the increasing needs of today’s stressed-out students. It has become a favorite of many schools, youth leadership camps, and freshman college orientation events. Even the name, HERO, has a unique story. The keynote was unexpectedly given its current name by its audience members, many of whom reported feeling “like a superhero” after attending.

In 2016, a regional school district reported that many of its students were breaking down over the stresses and worries of life. Present students were suffering, and recently-graduated students were abandoning college life due to its unmitigated impositions on their emotional wellbeing. Frustration, anxiety and decreased life satisfaction were robbing these, otherwise smart and healthy students, of their happiness and productivity. We went to the studio and designed a custom presentation. What was originally story-boarded as an assembly to help kids cope, quickly morphed into a very powerful, life-changing motivational keynote.

I Am StormUsing humor, real-life examples, intimate personal reveals and carefully selected hollywood icons, Tim uncovers the SuperHero that is so often lying dormant inside each one of us. A trademark of this presentation is a crowd of kids and adults inevitably moving toward the stage upon its conclusion. Everyone seems to find their own meaning and connection to this presentation, and quite frequently they are excited to share.

Unleash the power lying dormant inside your community, and free your students from the impositions of an innocently crippled mindset. Bring HEROIC impact to those who you serve and care about most.

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Never Quit! Having a tough day? Going through something difficult? Just need a quick mood-elevator? In this amazing Backwards Poem, Tim nails it again, demonstrating the power of perspective. Take a few minutes to experience what thousands have marveled at in live audience settings. The Never Quit poem with renew your superhero perspective in mere minutes.

If this video did the job, imagine what an entire presentation could do! Bring Tim’s HERO presentation to your community and help everyone reveal their true potential to be real, live superheroes. Learn more about this presentation here.

“You have no idea how strong of an impact you made. More kids need to see this. Thank you. Thank you!” -High School Student, Sharon Springs NY