Timothy Shoemaker is a nationally recognized Speaker, Trainer and Consultant. His notable career has been publicly praised by state and national politicians, profiled by several media outlets, referenced by influential parenting sites and adored by hundreds of thousands of live audience members in k-12 schools, colleges, conferences and communities. His written insight has been featured by the Partnership for a Drug Free America and several large media outlets. His latest eBook, There’s More To Life, has been acclaimed by teens, parents and professionals alike.

Tim’s incredible story has touched many lives, and rewarded him with a truly rare blend of experience. He now gifts that powerful experience to others, delivering it with enticing details, penetrating clarity, and a disarming wit that has endeared audiences of all backgrounds. Using logic, tact, humor and leadership, Tim’s innovative techniques inspire self-motivated success. Now you can bring that same kind of success to your own family, organization or community.

“I believe that Honor, Vision, and Empowerment hold the keys to our future. Whether keeping kids off drugs, uniting communities in collaboration, igniting passion in parents, or inspiring a team of professionals to achieve as one, the answer lies in leadership. To whatever destination you find yourself headed, ensure that it is in the direction of success. Make sure that your next click is the one that gets you “subscribed”, shows that you “like”, starts you “following” or “links you in” to my team. We’ll build the future together.” – Timothy Shoemaker