College Safety Seminar

This is The Essential Senior Wellness Day Seminar!!! (Also perfect for College Freshman Orientation.)

We want to make sure that your students get the most out of college, while ensuring that they avoid the worst. This 45 minute presentation is designed to be incorporated either as a large keynote, or as a breakout during high-school senior wellness day programs. Even though the content can be shocking, the impact is undeniably enlightening, empowering and inspiring.

Have you heard of “Kiting“? Have you ever seen a “Bump Key” used? Are you knowledgable about “Vape Rape“? Do you know what self defense device is almost guaranteed to be used AGAINST your kid, versus one which is almost guaranteed to protect them? What simple $1.00 device is most likely to protect you at college? Do you know how to decipher the cryptic and often misleading crime facts publicized by your prospective school. How do most universities handle discipline issues? How much authority do Campus Cops really have? Where do most college students get tripped up? How are most college students victimized? What three critical things do you need to do if a campus shooting breaks out?

Freshman are often labeled as “fresh bait” by criminals and experienced campus exploiters. Theft, assault, date rape and other common crimes await an unfortunate number of our college-bound children. Another group of future students are destined for personal indiscretions that will likely cost them their their education, their freedom or their lives. We can intervene in each of these scenarios.

There is no doubt that most kids and many parents remain entirely naive to the diverse threats that await them at college. Our expert instructor spent years working on a major college campus as a police officer and a campus police detective. Prior to leaving as a police supervisor, he amassed a wealth of unique information that you can use to empower your students and/or parents.

Not only will we answer each of the questions listed above, but we will use live demonstrations and captivating hands-on displays to perform some of the common techniques used by campus criminals to take advantage of naive first-time college students. A little knowledge is often all that is needed to prevent a tragedy. Contact us today to bring this highly-sought-after and uniquely impactful presentation to an audience near you.

Please note: Due to the typical timing of most senior wellness days in May or June, this class typically books up one year in advance. Please contact us today to check availability. We can hold a prospective date for one-week at no charge, so that you can confirm your calendar.