The Secret To Your Success

Posted by: on September 7, 2011

Vincent Van Gogh once remarked, “Great things are done not by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” There is perhaps no one who could have made a more profound and appropriate statement. Each of Van Gogh’s heralded masterpieces was born not of a single act or impression, but from hundreds of seemingly insignificant brush strokes. Hours, days and sometimes weeks would run together as blank canvass gradually evolved into eye-popping splendor.

Whatever challenge lies before you right now, whatever dream you have yet to achieve, remind yourself that it will not be accomplished in a single climax of effort, exuberance or fortune. It will be achieved by a logical and deliberate application of forethought, technique, and commitment.

Take the time to identify the many small acts that will bring about your success. Blur your vision of that main goal, and focus intently on mastering those small independent constituents of success. Whether in art, sports, academics or business, the most successful amongst us are those who become adept as this practice.

Many of us focus far too closely on our goals, when instead we should be focused on the process. -Author’s Note

Are you starting a new diet? Are you heading back to school? Are you entering a new relationship? Whatever your endeavor, pursue it with the dogged and deliberate premeditation that it deserves. You are never too young, too old, or too successful to apply this principal. Make today the day that you start on your new masterpiece; one brilliant brush stroke at a time.

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