The Best is Still Unwritten

Posted by: on April 3, 2011

We all have a life’s story. Like a ghostwriter faithfully transcribing our daily journey, our acts and impressions leave a legacy for others to digest. Our footsteps press a path, and that path becomes our story. Regardless of your stage in life, today is the day to review the work in progress.

Where have you come from? How did you get here? What are your triumphs? What were your mistakes? If your life was a novel, how would the table of contents read up to now? What would the title of your current chapter be? These questions don’t just place the past in perspective, they serve as a forecast for the future. Having that in mind, is there anything that you’d edit?

“Small gestures, timely words and simple deeds don’t compose chapters, but they certainly craft conclusions.” – Author’s Note

Don’t dim the dreams or ignore the ideals. Embrace your ambitions and inhabit the future the way that you were meant to. Write these next chapters with the deliberate and careful creativity of an award winning novelist. Give every choice the intent and direction it needs to bring about the success that you deserve.

While you’re at it, consider your readers -those people around you, who are lucky enough to share space and time with your journey. They too are writing their own story, and many depend upon you as a contributing author. Never underestimate the importance of your influence upon others. Small gestures, timely words and simple acts of kindness don’t compose chapters, but they certainly craft conclusions. Take this opportunity to review your past and revere the future, because one thing’s for certain -the best is still unwritten.

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