Retrain Your Brain

Posted by: on January 4, 2012

Watch the following 60 second Brain Teaser. Then read on, and see a brighter future unfold.

Everyone who watches this video nails the first two tasks with no problem at all. Then comes that seemingly simple last task where we challenge our brain to look at an old problem in a new way; a way that we’re not accustomed to. Very few of us do well. Some people actually suffer complete mental paralysis. Show it to enough of your friends and you’ll soon be rewarded with at least one “total freekout!

This experiment demonstrates how cemented our brains can become. As we age and solidify our views, we actually cement certain paradigms of thought into our mind. These paradigms make for quick thoughtless decisions, but they can also cause us to stereotype, mislabel, underestimate and misjudge things.

web profile 1We must always be willing to surrender what we are, in favor of what we might rise to become. -Author’s Note

So many of our environments -whether it be work, home or school- impose regimented thought patterns upon us. These patterns usually stem from the dominant person or group in that particular environment.

If the dominant way of thinking is honorable, just, and empowering, our allegiance and reinforcement is a good thing. But if that dominant mindset is intolerant, insecure, close-minded or prejudiced, it may as well be mental quicksand. When we subscribe to these negative paradigms, we not only sacrifice our own potential, but forfeit that of those around us as well. We pass it on to those who see us as the dominant influence in their environment.

Almost all progress, both personal and organizational, begins with perspective. Challenge yourself to identify and expose the negative paradigms of your environment(s). Find the courage to chip away at them, even if only in your own head. Whether you know it or not, you are the dominant influence in someone else’s work, home or social life. A small change on your part can have huge implications for those who follow in your footsteps.

Most importantly, though, your perspective and commitment will undoubtedly reward you immediately. Find the chains that may be binding your future, or that of those in your environment, and begin unwinding them. The future you unveil may be brighter than you could ever imagine.

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