Tims Story

On a warm summer day in 2009, Timothy Shoemaker stood in the dimly lit living room of a residential halfway house. Several feet in front of him stood a desperate man holding a knife. The ensuing standoff between between police officer and addict would forever imprint both men’s lives, becoming a poignant example of America’s life and death struggle against substance abuse.

Tim’s thought-provoking path has been shaped by dozens of stories like the one above. Action packed anecdotes, poignant moments of reflection and heartwarming tales of triumph have adorned his life with rare color and clarity. In the background of these touching experiences lies the story of Tim’s uncommon commitment, perseverance and compassion for others. His enduring vision has rewarded him with an intriguingly unique background and an impressively intimate insight into the realm of human potential.

Having repeatedly overcome crippling adversity in his own life, Tim uses age-and-audience appropriate anecdotes to open eyes, hearts and minds to today’s most pressing topics. He holds a MA in Leadership with multiple post-grad certifications and years of organizational experience to draw from. Through a uniquely compelling combination of education and experience, Tim treats audience members of all ages to life-changing ¬†perspective and motivation to succeed on many levels.

His story today is one of sound values, high standards and powerful principles of leadership. A recognized community-leader, police instructor, professional trainer and keynote speaker, Tim is also bilingual, a member of MENSA and a 4.0 Summa Cum Laude graduate. In 2009, Tim was selected from over 1,500 deserving law enforcement officers to be named as the New Jersey State DARE Officer of the Year. In 2011, he was given the rare and distinguished honor of being named as the National DARE Officer of the Year.

U.S. Congressman Scott Garrett commissioned an American flag to be flown over the U.S. Capital Building in honor of Tim, and many organizations such as MADD/End DWI, the Knights of Columbus and the 200 Club, have formally recognized his efforts. At just 35 years old, he has been praised by State and National politicians, admired by community groups, commended by law enforcement agencies and celebrated by prevention organizations. He has become the subject of multiple legislative resolutions, and applauded by numerous influential bodies.

These official acts have been accompanied by a unique outpouring of public support. In 2008, a group of parents dedicated a plaque and cherry tree to Tim at their local school. Other gestures have included shelves of books being installed at school libraries, and tributes engraved in local beautification projects. In 2009, residents from Tim’s community proudly erected an enormous 30 foot tall commemorative banner at the town’s center, and in 2011 a 15 foot display was erected alongside their interstate highway. It goes without saying, Tim’s influence stems not just from what he does but from how he affects others.

Today he is a frequent keynote at professional and youth conferences. A sought-after trainer and powerful school speaker. He travels to all states and addresses a staggering array of topics and trainings.

Founder of EmpoweredParent.org, author of the Free eBook The Drug Proof Home, and producer of the amazing “I Believe” video, Tim now offers his experience to others. You can even access select keynotes and student assemblies through virtual or remote delivery options.

Tim’s story stands as a landmark for anyone who wishes to institute consequential change in their world. No matter what business or organization you serve, Tim’s motivating philosophies offer the enrichment of knowledge conveyed through the penetrating clarity of leadership. Try one of his free tools today, order one of his Professional Powerpoints or Book Tim to speak at your next event! Your audience will thank you for it.