Free Use License

The materials listed on this website are Licensed for Free Use. As long as they remain posted here, you may use, share and distribute them without infringement.


  1. You may not use the material for commercial purposes.
  2. You must include all credits and/or logos with any use or showing.
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I would be elated if you could benefit from this material. Please share it. Just remember that it is still owned and copywritten. Some of the content includes photography, videography or sound elements that I have purchased licensing for. In other cases, the content may include elements that have been generously offered under Free License by their creators. As you see it here, this material is in compliance with those licenses. So long as you follow the conditions listed above, your use or distribution remains in good standing.

*The stock photography specifically shown in the blog section of this website has not been licensed for use or distribution beyond the page it is displayed in.