Custom Powerpoints

Impress Employees and Engage The Masses

If you’re looking for a unique and effective way to train your people or reach your community, we’ve got exactly what you need. Our studio quality Powerpoints and Videos give your content the stunning impact it deserves. We design it. Tim narrates it. You own it. Complete with YOUR LOGO and contact information, these products are engineered to be easily distributed over internal servers, through email, via your website or as social media posts. Make any presenter or organization look like a pro, with an investment that will last a lifetime.

You can provide your own lesson plan, have us develop it for you, or choose from one of our predesigned presentations. We then create your show and drop your logo, C.E.O. or organization name into the credits. We can add your own message, audio recording or agency video into the presentation to further customize it. You can then deliver and distribute the final product anyway you wish.

Save time, money and frustration, while dramatically enhancing the effectiveness of your efforts. Turn your mandatory training or community outreach efforts into production quality resources that will serve your organization well for many years. Click on the sample below to see how others have taken advantage of this amazing service.

*Predesigned lesson plans are copy-written by and are licensed for client use. They may not be resold for profit.